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I think you'll find that putting screw in chokes in that gun is a waste of money....and it won't do much of anything with slugs either. It would make it ok for Turkey - but you already have another Turkey gun anyway - so I wouldn't bother with it for that either.

Putting a scope on it ...I don't know ...maybe it'll work / and I don't know the kill range on a slug out of a shotgun ...but I doubt its over 50 yds. ( but I'm a rocky mountain guy - we hunt big game with rifles(deer, bear, elk, moose...) - not slugs...). I kind of think the scope is a poor idea too ..on a shotgun for slugs with an 18" barrel...

You might be finding out the same thing that some of my son's buddies have figured out ...a bunch of them in their 30's ....bought these tactical shotguns..with 18" barrels .../ and none of them have fired them in well over 3 yrs because they're not fun to shoot ...and like my buddy OneOunce says - they just aren't very good for birds or flying clays - so those guys are all investing in other shotguns now ...Over Unders or semi-autos they can hunt with /shoot clays with...and the tactical shotguns get left out / especially since I've clouded their mind on tactical shooting ...that handguns are the way to go...(and they're more fun to play with )...
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