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That's true if you tap it for a scope it won't matter.../but then its useless on moving targets ...unless you take the scope off...and I'll leave the pros and cons on defense with a scope to guys that know more about that stuff than I do.

at some point it seems like you're trying to turn it into a "swiss army knife"...and while it makes no sense to me / as long as it works for you - it comes down to what you want.

Be cautious on these local gunsmiths that do screw in chokes. Before you take it to him - check the point of impact / if he doesn't get those threads in just right'll change the point of impact ....$ 30 is very cheap / the question is - can he do it well ?? Choke tubes themselves - are anywhere from $ 30 - $ 100 each --- depending on what you want ....
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