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Careful there Loneranger. No one likes a dog hater.
The most dangerous animal on the mountain walks on two legs.
I don't hate dogs,I hate the people who own dogs and let them bump the country uncontrolled,I can't shoot the owners.I have been accosted by flatlanders dogs to many times on the trails.I use our trail system in the Big Horns 9 mos. out of the year I will not be bit by your dog or any one elses.If you can't control your dog put it on a leash!

I've never had a problem with two legged critters in Wyoming, but I've lost a lot of live stock, chickens, hamstrung horse, etc, from uncontrolled dogs. Also a couple times they've keep my wife or granddaughter from getting out of the truck to get the mail. The run and kill deer, turkeys and other wildlife.

If I catch them running running game our in my pasture chasing my horses, I'll hang them on a fence post.
I 100% agree,no hesitation on my part.
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