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Putting screw in chokes into an 18" barrel ....with that short a sight plane really a waste of money from my perspective. You're going to be way better off on Turkey - with the longer barrel well as Trap.

If you really want to shoot the 18" barrel with an open cyclinder choke on clay targets --- I'd suggest a trip to a Skeet field ( and I'd recommend you ask the range master - and they other guys on the squad / if they mind, if you shoot an 18" barrel ...the muzzle blast on short barrels on a Trap squad, to the guys beside you, is way past rude ...) in my opinion / at least on a Skeet squad - the other shooters are behind you ...and the open Cyclinder choke isn't as big a handicap as it would be on Trap sinlgles from the 16 yd line.

If you do this - should you go with Rem chokes or the Beretta chokes ...I don't know as it matters ...but if you have the Beretta chokes / why not have the barrel cut for them vs the Rem chokes...
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