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Sorry for not waiting

To finish each post. I'm on page 13.
Thank you to all who are talking .327 fed mag and it's ability's. Also the guns that shoot it and those like it. To the man that shot the bobcat, cool. To the owner of the 'S&W .32-20 Model of 1905' on page 12, wow.. WOW.
Sorry for all you reloaders (for now).
Title, of this thread; '327- what went wrong'. OK, brass. Enough about brass. Brass will come by consumers buying the guns and shelf ammo.
I'm not a reloader, feel that it makes me a reg consumer. So, I need a gun, a reliable gun that I can CCW, and fire repeatedly/ comfortably if need be. The wheel gun makes it a little more reliable (I think ) than a pistol. I like my 9, a cheap KT P-11. I could use a revolver, preferably in this cal. Why? Cause I think it could be light, controllable, accurate and deadly if i need it be (see that bobcat?).
The "public" didn't buy it cause not enough to put it in. Regular Joe puts the round in the gun, not vice versa. Anybody notice the huge increase in anything pocket carry. This could be it.
So maybe i was wrong to say 2/1/2 in bbl. How bout 3/1/2? My buddies Glock in .40 would probly still be bigger. I'm thinking slim nightguard (think 686). Hell, I love that gun, wish i could afford one, and a Glock in 10mm. But if I could more readily CCW that 686. That's what I think is hurting the .327 FedMag.
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