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Who is, missing the point, me or you?

For Xmas I bought my dad a used SP101, w/ 357mag it kicks well. This is my point, .38spl not so great, .357, a little much for some. An xtra rd or 2 in a 25oz loaded revolver w/ a slim cylinder, 2/1/2 or 3in. barrel, and reliability of a revolver would/ does sound good to me. And faster follow up shots?!, usually a good thing if/ when needed. Ballistics I've seen are comparable to 40 S&W, the "end all rd". Reloading issue could be left to those who reload (not many of us who buy a pistol reload). 20$ for 20rds of SD ammo, no different than any other cal. Too bad the other calibers it will shoot aren't cheaper for plinking or practice. This is the rd I've been looking for in a CCW rev. Not necessarily a HD rev but it would do. 357 mag is a lot of kick for a woman protecting her children in the middle of the night. And for a man and CCW and the ability to practice, not sure what not to like. So many posts, I'm gonna go finish some more.
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