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I think that with a bit of load tinkering a 1.25" average is doable. At least you're looking at a reasonable grouping, unlike some people who are not happy unless a rifle shoots bug hole groups. Please don't misunderstand me because if I find a load the shoots bugholes, I'm not gonna gripe. However I settled on 1.5" or less groups on a consistant basis for my rifles. The key word is "consistant". A solid 1.5" rifle is good enough even for antelope at 300 yards and elk well past that distance.
I realize a tight shooting rifle give one a lot of confidence when having to take longer shots but unless you plan to carry a bench rest out in the field with you because you'd have to as I've never seen any during my 50 plus years of hunting. Sure would have been nice to have one though. Still, I made the shots FWIW, most of my rifles have been tinkered enough with either work on the, or the load or both but I still have a few that barely make the grade.
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