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I suppose one could argue that the right to keep and bear arms implies that a private citizen could own a nuclear bomb and take it on the plane also.

Why not grenades?

We've had folks argue here that the Constitution supports owning such. So toss one down the aisles at the hijacker.
You have a good point and one that I appreciate but regardless of if arms are ever allowed on board as a CCW we do need to find a point where the government sets some standard as to what citizens can and should be trusted.

Even people with background checks can betray the public trust and John or Jane Q citizen has a right to be treated with a certain level of trust unless they have proven otherwise bad characters in the past.

Israel certainly has security concerns and they dont employ security in the same manner we do and yet they do a very good job of stopping the BGs. I do not know all the measures they do use but it would certainly be worth researching.

As far as firearms on planes in CCW mode, I know its not going to happen anytime soon. I do (and I believe you would agree) that people have the right to some sort of defense even on planes.
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