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I know of multiple incidents where a punch lead to a murder conviction. The upset hockey dad comes to mind...

....but he used his wits to get out of a dangerous situation without drawing or firing.
I feel this was a potentially dangerous situation only, But I agree w/your post. I usually plus probably would'nt pull my weapon during a verbal argument and/or confrontation, but situations such as these can have a tendency to escalate so one must be ready. Situations such as these can also differ dramatically from 'bad idea to use a weapon here' and 'my weapon is definately needed even though this person isn't armed'. I have no problem with someone pulling a weapon when they fear serious harm. That being said only the OP truely knows if it would've been a bad idea to pull a gun during this encounter. Baiscally, both sides of the "draw" or "no draw" can be right depending on the situation. I personally am not going to go fist a cuffs w/some loopy to protect my honor and/or engage his fantasy or rage. My weapon would be drawn if someone makes up his mind that my face is about to be bashed in by his bare hands, boots, whatever.

My worthless theory is this: if the OP had to, the BUG would've been justified and would've gotten the job done...thankfully it never went that far where it was needed so unless I have more info, ther BUG's use wasn't justified and/or called for in this instance.
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