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Well we have the 911 incident as you have mentioned that heroically failed and as I understand we have had disruptive passengers and the underwear and/or shoe bomber who were stopped.

Now we can argue symantics but Im not arguing symantics what I do argue is under the Bill of Rights and Constitution of our nation you are to be innocent until proven guilty, its not a government option it is the law.

I also argue that the government has an obligation to be able to show that it can trust the citizenry to be honorable citizens, I can think of governments in history that did (or do not) not trust the citizens and we dont want to be any of them.... (U.S.S.R, North Korea, Nazi Germany, Communist Eastern Europe) further given our rights as citizens we should not be treated in such a manner.... Its not politics it rights, and they are guarnteed in our founding documents.

Maybe what we should require is background checks on all passengers and maybe we should ban anyone and everyone whos ever been convicted of a crime of any kind from flying. (As obviously they have shown bad judgement in the past) We could also as a matter of policy shackle passengers until they deboard the plane at the destination. The point I am making is there must be balance in the governments approach, certainly we must seek to protect our nation but in doing so we must not become a police state..

IMHO the needs of a nation to protect its people is at the very heart of 2A and even with its liabilities is what the founders intended.

We have a nation the was created with rights as its founding principles and in some way we must find a way to honor those principals even at the airport. I certainly dont think our government is acting with ill will but history has shown how even the most honorable governments and people can make mistakes that world simply cannot forget...

We have no guarntees but our rights and one of those is to bear arms for our defense.... even if others dont like it...

Further it does not require that a terrorist is even able to enter the cabin of an aircraft; hydraulics and such could be overriden outside the cabin. Fortunately the enemies of our nation tend not to be that bright...
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