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Fazakerely 7/52 Enfield Mk4 No 2 (F)

I purchased this rifle still in the wrap and took it off and cleaned it up back around 1994 for about $150.00. I don't believe it was ever issued as it is probably a little less than 100% condition. I fired it a few times to make sure it was operational after cleaning. The 31st Blue Book edition is telling me its about $1050.00 and add 30% percent for a Mk2. I would like to sell it at a fair price to a collector as I am getting older and really don't have much use for it. I am amazed at the Blue Book Price. Serial Number is PF 24877*. All the serial numbers match on the stock and magazine. The stock is a darker color but that may be from the preservative. in the wrap. The stock is not blond in color. It has no import markings.
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