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In Peterson v. Garcia (was LaCabe - Colorado non-resident carry case), the Brady bunch filed an amicus brief for the apellee's (defendants) on 7-21-2011. The appellee's answering brief was due today (07-25-2011) - nothing yet on PACER.

In Bateman v. Perdue (NC State of Emergency case), Alan Gura filed a [url=]Notice of Supplemental Authority, last week, 07-18-2011 -- care to guess what authority?

In Shepard v. Madigan (IL carry case - NRA), the Brady's filed a motion for their attorney to appear. This is a preamble to filing an amicus brief.

In Moore v. Madigan (Il carry case - SAF), last Friday, Magistrate Judge Charles Evans recused himself and transferred the case to Magistrate Judge Byron Cudmore. Today, the State's answer to the amended complaint and Response/Reply to 13 Motion for Preliminary Injunction was due. Filed was an uncontested 2 day extension for time to file. We'll look again Wednesday.
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