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While I'm sure the driver of the other vehicle was a chucklehead, and not to disparage the OP, but I wonder if there isn't just a little more to this story. Actually I don't wonder, there are always at least two sides to every story.


I slowly walked away from him without breaking eye contact.
The eyes don't pull a gun or knife, the hands and his buddies do. A strong front is good, but be sure to scan the area.

Glad you were able to deal with the situation without physical confrontation. Unfortunate that today we can't even go for a nice evening for ice cream with our family without the potential threat of confrontation. Did you talk with your daughter about it afterwards, does she understand what happened?

There is an element of our citizenry, like this aggressive individual, that just doesn't understand being part of something bigger than themselves or their crew, how to befriend strangers as one nation, one human society.
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