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My most used defensive tool is my brain. I am one of those fortunate enough to be able to maintain a cool demenor in hot situations. I will talk my way out if I can. I am in my mid 30's in decent shape, strong, and fairly well trained in hand to hand defense. If a big thug is moving agressively at me after yelling threats you better belive my hand will be on the grip of whichever gun I am carrying. I will give a STOP, STOP NOW, STOP OR I WILL SHOOT YOU. (I have been mistaken for a police officer for the way I yell). If they attack I am going to shoot them till they stop.

Now as far as a pocket holster is concearned they make several that will work. Depends on how big your pockets are. I carry a P64 in my pocket even if my primary carry is at home or in the truck. I live in the land of heat indexes over 110. (Happens to be what it feels like outside as I type this.)
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