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HELP!! I am Looking For the Current Value of a 121 M1...

We acquired a Benelli 121 M1 in Like New condition. It has the H&K upper receiver and barrel. We have done as much research as possible on the interwebs but I can't nail down a solid price, for it. Has anyone sold one of these recently, and could give me some figures on it? I couldn't find a single mark on it. 99%+ condition but with no box, unfortunately.

It seems that the few that I found were in pretty rough shape. Except for the one currently on GB, for $ It's the only one I could find, selling now, though, so I guess he can ask whatever he wants.
I hope he sells it, so I can get an indicator of the market.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Our Blue Book has a rediculous amount listed and I found several in the last few years that went for much more.

Thanks in advance...
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