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If I were you ....unless you just want to potentially burn up $1,000 .../ or if the $1,000 budget is no big deal .....I'd say wait for someone in your area or group of buddies to buy one ...and ride on their learning curve.

Maybe they're getting better ...maybe not ...kind of hard to tell. Maybe it would be fun to have --- maybe not ....

Several months ago - at a gun show / strictly on a lark ...I spend $ 20 on a 50 round drum mag in .45 acp for a 1911 ....( its junk / but I knew it was probably going to be junk when I bought it). Has it been fun to shoot ...when it doesn't jam, its ok .../ its really heavy ...but it'll make a great gag gift for one of my buddies birthdays I'll have $ 20 worth of fun out of it ..../ I look at the Saiga - the same way ....( but for $1,000 ...I might be aggravated vs laughing it off ...) ...
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