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I wrote:
Riverwalker- are you willing to take punches from an "unarmed" aggressor before considering yourself to be in danger of great bodily harm?

If the nutjob advances quickly and strikes the right way, all it takes is one hit and it's all over.
Zincwarrior wrote:
Laws of different states vary. Many states require the standard of fear of death of severe injury. Defending yourself in a courtroom is going to be an incredibly expense process, one not to be taken likely, and the burden will be upon you to prove that was the situation. Depending on the situation, and jurisdiction, that may be extremely difficult.
Are these not the same thing? I would be in fear of great bodily harm, or severe injury, if someone is advancing angrily toward me with raised fists. I'm not going to wait to be pummeled before trying to defend myself.
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