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9mm load check!

In my p95, I had the following load:

124gr lee truncated cone TL
4.2gr bullseye
1.16 OAL

The load was light and carbon deposits could be seen on the case mouth (too low pressure, I think). Accuracy was poor.

Fast forward to now. The p95 is no more and I currently have a keltec p11. It will not feed these loads at all. To correct the problem, I shortened the OAL to 1.12 and tried the loads. No more carbon deposits on the case mouth due to higher pressures, but I also got cratered primers (federal primers). There would be a ridge around where the firing pin hit, but it was mostly flattened due to slamming the breech face. Is this a sign of overpressure? How does the load sound to you guys? What charge of BE would you recommend with this bullet combo?

For reference the load I'm talking about is:

124gr lee truncated cone TL
4.2gr BE
1.12 OAL
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