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A couple notes I didn't see mentioned yet . Maybe they were and I missed it .

1. When firing a C&B revolver hold the muzzle straight up when cocking for the next round. You will find that the spent caps are less likely to jam the gun. This was the method taught by the military in the mid 1800s and it works well.

2.When target practicing with a front stuffer , after a few rounds you will notice the fouling making it harder to seat the ball. Do what the old timers did, keep a patch in your mouth soaked with spit and and run it up and down the bore a few times with the cleaning jag. Nothing mentioned so far cuts blackpowder fouling in a pinch like saliva. And you always have it with you where ever you go.

Been hooked on Black Powder for 40 years.

I know this is an old thread but thought anyone needing info would appeciate this
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