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Originally Posted by slammedsi
i finally found the problem. Tried all the mags i had, with the same result. Went to a local gun shot that a good friend owns and picked up a new Colt mag. Low and behold it had fed and ejected 120 rounds now.

Originally Posted by BDS-THR
If 230 gr RN feed/chamber well in the same pistol, I would check the ... magazine spring next ... the pressure from the mag spring pushes the case base up into the extractor, lining up straight with the chamber and gets pushed into the chamber.

If the case base rim does not freely slide up the breach face into the extractor or don't get pushed up hard enough by the magazine spring, the round may hang in the chamber like the picture shown. Do you have a different magazine you can try (perhaps one with new/stronger mag spring)?
Great! I love happy endings.

You don't need to replace the magazine if the springs are worn, just the springs.
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