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With all respect to Ken Waters, we've found that the current Handi rifles are capable of handling pressures far above the old Trapdoor loads.
Then you had best read the OP's post more carefully:
...i had an old h&r 45 70 laying around...
Unless you are prescient you have no idea of the metallurgy of the OP's frame. Do you know when it was made? "Marlin level" loads could cause severe damage to a 1970s-vintage frame, or to a current "shotgun" frame (which are not recommended for high pressure loads either).

If the OP's frame is a rifle frame of recent manufacture then it is most likely safe with "Marlin level" loads. I own a H&R Shikari in .45-70 purchased new in 1973, and there is no way I'd ever fire 40,000 cup level loads in its cast iron frame.

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