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Well after setting at the reloading bench for most of the day i believe i finally found the problem. Tried all the mags i had, with the same result. Went to a local gun shot that a good friend owns and picked up a new Colt mag. Low and behold it had fed and ejected 120 rounds now. The Chip McCormick, Wilson combat, and stock Auto ordnance mags would run a clip or two then have a FTF. Not the case with a new Colt mag. I don't like the fact that there not ten round mags but i guess i can live with that.

Also have another question, My only book i have at the moment (Speer) says a starting load of 4.8 and a max of 5.4 for the 200gr LSWC using Unique. But states in bold "The max charge is not necessarily the max but is held to popular velocity for target shooting." Was wondering if anyone could tell me another books listings for this powder and bullet? (Min and Max.
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