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I'm not here to raise any hairs, or stir the pot, but I am going to say this the best way I know how. Again, I do not mean any offense to any present company, but please hear me out.

From what the OP is telling me, his first line of defense was to reach for his CCW in a verbal confrontation with an unknown enemy, and without knowing if the aggressor was carrying anything other than his fists!

So you see how I'm looking at this?

From a legal stand point, at what point does a CCW Permit holder make the decision to pull a loaded firearm on an unarmed aggressor?

Maybe I'm thinking a little differently than some as I do not live in a high crime area, and am not faced with the daily threat of possible loss of life or property. However, regardless of the location, at what point does the CCW turn into a criminal?

Do you understand what I'm saying?
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