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I'm amazed at the chutzpah that some people display. I'm a very considerate bike rider, but some woman decided to come up to me as I was getting into the saddle on a shared path and started insisting I tell her my name and accused me of running dog walkers off the path. Couldn't be further from the truth as dog walkers will let their dogs off leash to attack anyone, or release their extendable leashes so far the dog and leash are blocking the whole path. I never say a word. Yet this little 140lb woman has the nerve to come up to someone she believes is aggressive, who out weighs her (at the time) by 100lbs alone in the woods and mouths off.

I simply ignored her as she finally resorted to shouting at me as I rode off. Sheesh. Some day she's going to do that to a really angry person and get smacked upside the head.
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