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I have used Unique. Dirtier than Bullseye unless loaded warmer, but works. Typically needs about 10% higher charge weight than Bullseye for a given pressure.

Pay attention to Mehavey's photos. Also, get your micrometer out and set the taper crimp to produce closer to minimum mouth diameter (0.467"). This should bite slightly into the bullet lead. It will form a very light (just a few thousandths) step in the lead which will prevent setback, which can cause dangerous pressures by pushing the bullet deep into the case during loading. The more fully crimped round will also funnel into the case better.

Also run the micrometer over the case wherever the bullet is underneath it. This should not exceed 0.4732" anywhere to meet the match ammo spec (two ten thousandths bigger than the hardball drawing). If it does, the lead bullet may need to be sized down further or your case wall may be too thick (happens with some European and Slavic brass). If it is too fat, try using a Lee Carbide Factory Crimp die, which not only crimps, but sizes the OD of the finished cartridge in a carbide OD ring. (This ring is bigger than the one in a .45 Auto sizing die, so that would not a workable substitute, just in case you were thinking it might be.)
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