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This is getting common among a certain element. Anything you do that shows displeasure with their actions is seen as an insult or "actin' all better than" them. When you express displeasure or concern over their behavior in the smallest way they take it as a personal attack.

It is like the face book page for the robber in Michigan. He was complaining that the victim shot his friend that started the attack. He didn't see it as self defense he saw it as disrespect torwards him and his friend. It didn't matter that they started the whole incident and that the victim was fighting for his life. It became about the victim being weak because he defended himself with a gun. The victim had no right to do that.

Well the OP was protecting himself and his daughter from a person that was acting foolishly. In their "gangsta" mind set you don't have the right to do that. They get to do whatever they want and you are supposed to live with it because they aren't really doing any damage to you. Even if they do cause damage it isn't their fault in their eyes. That is a whole other topic though.

The guy might be a nut job but it is what I call "gangsta narcissim."
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