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If everyone, including the pilot is going to die if waynes trigger(or ours) is tripped, will it benefit the ultimate outcome if everyone on the plane is armed?
Nope, but it doesn't hurt either.
The point of my scenario is, if terrorist dedicate enough planning to their skijacking scheme its not going to matter who's armed on the plane once it gets into the air.
If it doesn't matter then the hijacking scenario doesn't provide a good rationale for restricting the rights of citizens to carry.

Generally speaking, rights can be legally restricted by our government when the government can show a likely and significantly negative outcome if the restriction is not put in place. In other words, rights are not restricted on the basis that people exercising the right won't necessarily provide a positive outcome but rather on the basis that if they exercise the right in the particular circumstances under consideration it is likely to make things significantly worse.

That's because our nation is founded on the principle that rights and the exercise of rights are already a significantly positive outcome. The idea that we must show that the rights provide other benefits before we can legally exercise them is a concept foreign to the basic founding principles of the country.
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