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In light of that reality, if every innocent person aboard except for the pilot is killed in the process of successfully regaining control of the aircraft then its a win when it compares to the outcome of not regaining control before the government acts.
In my scenario, the only positively ID'd hijacker is wayneinFL. MLeake and I are hijackers also but not ID'd to the passengers but the passengers know wayne is not alone and his buddies(MLeake and I) are also wired up. We're all wired with explosives.

If everyone, including the pilot is going to die if waynes trigger(or ours) is tripped, will it benefit the ultimate outcome if everyone on the plane is armed?

The point of my scenario is, if terrorist dedicate enough planning to their skijacking scheme its not going to matter who's armed on the plane once it gets into the air.

Wire the explosives right and if the hijackers die plane comes down just the same as gov't shooting it down. Everybody dies.

Stopping hijacking has got to be done on the ground and the US already has its hands full at present screening everyone the way it is. Suggesting allowing cc'ing on commercial airlines would make an already near impossible job that much harder. If not impossible.

Bad idea!
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