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Handloader's Digests

For those who appreciate the older, precision-made, steel presses and other equipment over the Chinese-aluminum stuff currently produced, I recommend you locate all the old Handloader's Digests (there are 18). They can be purchased at gunshows and Ebay for $10-20 each and are a goldmine of information that is still relevant today. Both of the NRA reloading guides aren't bad either.

Here is decades of reloading information at my fingertips:

And one last recommendation is picking up a copy of Phil Sharpe's handloading book. Sharpe is the father of modern reloading and his equipment reviews and photographs are a pure delight to read/look at. Wolfe Publishing (the publishers of Handloader and Rifle magazines) republished it, but earlier editions are also available for around $45.

The 3rd edition (1953) right next to the Wolfe reprint:
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