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Roger Ronas
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Hello ragwd,
I don't shoot those calibers and infact only shoot pistols now. paper punching.
My comments relate to some 25 years ago when I was shooting long guns and dabbling in Benchrest competition. Because of my OCD I would sort by HS and then volume to a point. Unless your shooting for big money or bragging rights, I really don't think the accuracy that you may gain from vol of case is going to matter. I would just know what vol are and make sure to snick up on loads as far as powders go.
I don't know anything about the .223/5.56 rounds, but the idea of resizing a 5.56 to work in a .223 would drive me bananas with a case that states 5.56 and is sized for a .223.
Take care and happy safe reloading,
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