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She saw the rifle and sniffed it because she probably smelled your foul smelling human sweat, and thought the rifle was the source, not you!
Scent is the major reason for getting busted out there.
I second the smell. Even with fancy cover scent and all the camo in the world, the fact is that you got excited and started sweating! Not as much as working out, but you released some and they got a whiff as soon as the wind whirled around ya. Deer are instinctive! Not smart! Someone earlier said that if deer were smart enough to know what a gun was, then they'd also know that it takes a human to fire one! Amen to that!
Smell is very often the culprit but not in this case. When she spotted the rifle, she was directly upwind from me and I had approached the spot where I was laying from the downwind side. She definitely hadn't smelled me at that point.
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