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What plans to you have to ensure a hijacker isn't boarding a plane now?
Can you site any hijackings that have occured since the system we currently have(although maybe not perfect and a PITA) thats happened?

And let me ask my question again, because it was asked in earnest.
Can't respond for anyone else but, I believe I tried to answer your question in earnest when you asked it. But you still have not tried to answer mine in earnest. Answering a question with a question is a sure sign you've not thought out the whole topic prior to voting.

On an airplane, the other alternative is a terrrorist killing eveyone on the plane by crashing it, or the government shooting the plane down and killing everyone to avoid the plane reaching a target
Have you researched the amount of hijackings in US history that the goal of the hijacker was NOT to fly the plane into a US target.

I also emboldened ' a terrrorist in your statement cause do you really think you'll have a terrorist/hijacker on a plane or multiple terrorists/hijackers to deal with?

If you answer MY question in earnest, please try to include in your plan a scenario such as:

You, MLeake and I are terrorist in which we've successfully boarded a commercial airliner and each of us are wired with explosives that are triggered to go off either by a remote or manual trigger. Maybe one of the couple triggers are wired to sense our pulse/heartbeat(wouldn't that be fun). We are sitting spaced apart through out the plane. Your towards the front, MLeake in the middle section, the I'm towards the tail section.

Our demands are NOT to fly plane into any target but rather hold flight as ransom for(insert any ridiculous amt. of $) and a plane out of the country.
Problem is the only persons you have communicated our demands with is the pilot. Also, since you are the leader of the group, you are the only one thats been positively ID'ed as a hijacker but you've let everyone know you're not alone.

Please explain how if everyone on this plane is cc'ing, that it would help.
Remember the only thing the cc'ing passengers know is that you are a hijacker, your wired with explosives, your not alone. The only other persons that know our demands are money and a plane out of the country is the pilot/co-pilot.
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