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Butterfly backstaps!

Here's another hooligan1 fave,,,, Butterfly deer backstraps on the grill.

1. take a deer backstrap and cut it into butterflies; make 1 inch cuts not quite through the strap, then make the next cut all the way through.
2. Stuff butterfly with japaleno rings, and season with Cavanders Greek Seasoning, lightly to taste.
3. wrap a stip of bacon around the edge as to hold the contents inside the butterfly, and secure with a toothpick.
4. over a hot direct-heat fire, ( I also use apple chips for smoke but any good smoke will do nicely) I lay the fillets on the grill and turn them only after they've browned on the bottoms.
5. I usually cook them until the bacon is pretty well done but I also take care not to "overcook" them.
6. they always please the crowd and go super with cold suds!!
Thanks for coming!
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