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The loads for the Ruger #1 are a lot hotter than 36K. In fact, the Marlin loads are hotter than 36K as well. I would assume (we all know what you do when you assume) that the Encore would handle the higher pressure loads but i do NOT know that for sure. Personally, I don't see any need to push it past the Marlin loads anyway, especially with lead bullets.

Another powder worth trying is H4198. I have gotten excellent accuracy from that powder.

edit: I guess I should have refreshed the page sooner. If you want comfortable, the trapdoor loads are the way to go. If I remember correctly, the trapdoor loads go up to 28K. That is about where the Marlin data for 3031 and 4198 starts. My loads are fairly close to those starting loads and from my 1895G, they produce quite a bit more recoil than my 30-06 does.

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