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.38 Special 148gr Meister WC

Hello Fellow Reloaders,

I have a reloading question. To the point. I need help/recommendation with the following:

Gun: 38./.357 6" Colt Python (yes, it is nickel plated. yes, I know how much I can get for it with the original factory case, etc. if I wanted to sell it. But it's mine and I love it!)

Use: Bullseye Competition Only (Standard 25 yrd slow and rapid fire, etc. rules)

Reloading Specs: Meister .38 CAL. 148GR .357 WC (not hollow based)
Product Code on Meister Site: MB-38-WC (Picture included with this post)
Bullseye Powder, Starline Nickel +P cases, CCI Standard Small Primers

Question #1: I have searched the internet for a "specific recipe" using the above Meister bullet heads. I cannot seem to find any suggested "sweet loads" using these specs and shooting from a 6" barrel. I do know about the recipe in Lyman's 49th Ed. pg. 354 using the 150gr Linotype along with many other suggested recipes and manufacturer's sites using brand named bullets. However, it's not exactly what I have. I've acquired several thousand bullets in unopened boxes as well as Meister .45 SWC (another thread later) from an estate sale and I would like to use them. Any thoughts? Please ask your questions if any detail has been omitted or is unclear.

Question #2: Oh, and since these heads have a taper crimp area about 1/3 of the way down, would there be any thoughts with suggested OAL. Or, taper crimp versus non-taper crimp?

Question #3: Any thoughts for making some mellow .357 "plinking loads" using the same bullets?

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