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Sorting brass

I have about 400 .223 or 5.56 cartridges tumbled, fl sized deprimed, primer pocket swaged and uniformed, trimed to length and deburred and ready for priming. I was wondering what everyone else does about sorting brass? I have basicly 4 different cartridges....

marked 5.56 and weigh between 96.3 and 97.4 grains,

horandy 223 rem that weigh 96.4 to 97.7

Lake city with a 2 digit year and the + with a circle around it that weigh 92.0 to 93.6 grains,

winchester 223 rem that weigh 93.1 to 94.6

I am loading to the 223 rem so I was thinking of keeping the 556 and the horandy together since they weigh close, and putting the lake city and winchester together cause they weigh close.
Is weight of cartridge a sorting consideration , If so how close of cartridge weight to you group together for accuracy?
Thanks for taking the time .
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