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After looking at all these pics of you guys' loading areas, I think I'll just keep mine to myself...

Mine is in my garage.. I used a solid core door as a table top, with doubled 2X4's for legs, with a center support to help prevent sag.

I am somewhat less than organized... I have shelves, but the table top is pretty well covered with stuff. Old targets, case trimmers, new brass that I haven't "conditioned" yet, powder dispenser, scale, deburring tools, replacement punches and springs for my priming tools, about 18 little allen wrenches, most of which are the wrong size for die lockrings, two or three manuals that I seem to never get back in the shelf after looking at them, two dial calipers, a 1" Starrett micrometer, a few random bullets, from cast .45-70's to jacketed .224's.. and the last time I looked, a staple gun that my wife left laying there. I told her to quit "junking up" my bench..
Perhaps I should post a pic as a good example of how NOT to do it..
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