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.25-06 questionable loads

I was having accuracy problems with my Interarms .25-06 (like a 3 inch group at 50 yards). So I began handloading my ammo. I went by Hornady's specifications with their 75 grain hollow point bullet with IMR 4350 powder. Hornady called for 55 grains of IMR 4350 to get a normal speed of 3500 fps. After making a box of these, i ran them through and still got a terrible group. Then I made three different loads all the same except for the amount of powder. The first load had 45 grains of powder. The second load had 35 grains of powder. And the third load had 25 grains of powder. After grouping I found that putting 35 grains of powder produced the best group (half inch). My question is, should I keep loading like this and keep my accuracy, or go back to book standards and never hit the broad side of a barn ever again?
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