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To expand a bit, Crescent made hundreds of thousands of utilitarian shotguns from c. 1890 to c. 1933 under their own name and also under a couple of hundred trade names for hardware and gun distributors and even individual stores. At one time, anyone ordering as few as ten guns could have his name or the name of his store put on them, so the variety was almost unlimited.

Generally, Crescent guns, while reasonably well made and serviceable in their day, do not bring a high price, with a tops of about $200 for one in top shape with solid steel barrels. I think the term "armory steel" means a solid steel barrel, but many Crescent guns were made with Damascus twist barrels which should never be fired with smokeless powder and could be dangerous even with black powder. Remember if planning to fire the gun that it might be made for shells shorter than today's standard and firing any modern length shell could be hazardous.

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