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Go to page 391 and choose #452424 (actually any of the 250-255gr Lead SemiWadcutters will do, but that one's closest to the Keith design.) It's not a bad target loadout from Min to Max, but you'll have to pay close attention to looking into the cases afterward and double check ~proper charge.

IF (and only if) YOU HAVE A RUGER (from Hogdon Website again)
260 GR. NOS PART Hodgdon Titegroup .451" 1.650" MIN/8.0gr 945fps 21,900 CUP MAX/9.3gr 1065fps 28,800 CUP
This is double the standard 45 Colt SAA spec.
Be forewarned

(Personally, I'd stick with the traditional Lead Keith/standard load and enjoy myself a whole lot more)

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