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Way back when, I tried to use that flat RCBS lube pad, and rolled the brass gently over it, but I got either too much lube or too little on the brass. Too much caused case dents, and I found that I didn't need to lube the whole darn case anyway. I cleaned my dies and threw away that flat store-bought pad. I got an old towel and cut a piece about 12 inches square and folded it to about 3 or 4 inches square and saturated it good with RCBS lube. When I resize, I just lightly twirl the bottom inch or so of the case on the edge of the folded and lubed up towel. That's all the lube that I need. The old folded towel looks pretty nasty these days, and is truly lube saturated. I keep it in a plastic bag when I pack up my gear after I do all my loading. That'd work for ya if you aren't loading hundreds of rounds at a sitting.
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