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Where in NC are you?

There's a bunch in the Triangle area. Off the top of my head:

IDPA @ The Range, Oxford

IDPA, Rimfire Steel, ICORE, PCCA @ Caswell Ranch

IDPA @ Durham Wildlife

indoor IDPA @ Personal Defense

IDPA @ Drake's Landing

USPSA @ Sir Walter Raleigh

USPSA @ Pitt County

Finally, a local shooter started a Zombie Shooting Association, and the matches are becoming very popular. More "run whatcha brung" than USPSA and/or IDPA.

Of these, the Tuesday evening IDPA matches at the Durham Wildlife Club are particularly good for those just starting out, though I can recommend any of the others, too. The Zombie matches are getting a lot of people into IDPA & USPSA, so they'd be a good thing to check out, too.
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