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32 MAG... are those your guns ???

a while back I ran across a .410 folder on Gun Broker that peaked my interest, I didn't end up getting that one, but later got myself an H&R folding 12 ga... was still on the lookout for a .410 for MRS. MAGNUM... later I found a NIB CZ folding Cotton Tail with a factory defect ( probably why it was still NIB ) my local retired smith buddy fixed it & I gave that to my wife ( her family was Cezch, so it had some good instant sentimental value being a CZ )

I really like the H&R design, as the fore end is notched for the trigger guard, & they fold into a much tighter package...

I did some custom work on my 12 ga shortening the barrel to make it more compact, adding a polychoke to make it more versitile, & adding a fiber optic front bead... now it's kinda like one of those "pocket fisherman" I can keep it in the truck, & can hunt from ducks to deer with it...

a pic of mine before I cut the barrel to the length of the stock ( after adding a good recoil pad )

this is the gun I 1st saw, that peaked my interest in folders...
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