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So far the only one of my handguns I have taken completely apart has been my Colt Mark IV-I did that after the slide locked back and the "usual suspects"
were unable to release it. In that case enough fouling and debris had built up in the trigger bar mechanism over the years to require complete disassembly and cleaning. I had my copy of the NRA Pistol and Revolver guide, 3 sets of screwdrivers and a properly set up work surface and I took my time. My next project will be the disassembly, cleaning and reassembly of an old Colt Police Positive-with my copy of Kuhnhausen's manual in front of me. The late Professor Richard Mitchell, aka The Underground Grammarian once said, apropos of the Three Mile Island fiasco that while a nuclear reactor may be a very complicated thing, it is also finite and the human mind CAN know it completely. The same is true of handguns.
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