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I strip all of my handguns down to a bare frame - at least once a year / or about every 10,000 rounds or so....
Sig 239's, Sig 226's
a variety of 1911's
and a variety of S&W Revolvers ...

Yes, you have to know what you're doing - so you don't break anything / and to get it together right ....but in this day of the internet / there are all kinds of books and DVD's and U-Tube etc out there tutorials on how to do it properly and safely.

Its also not difficult to do ...and personally, I find it satisfying ....and it allows me to inspect for wear - and thoroughly clean and lube the gun ...

As an example Wilson Combat has a 4 part DVD on how to completely take down a 1911 / how to fits replacement parts if you want to ...and how to properly clean and lube a gun ...for long term, reliable service...and satisfaction. You can buy them thru Brownells - or from Wilson / the Sig DVD's I have came from a couple of sources ...and to me pictures and a little discussion on the DVD is a lot better than books ( but bottom line, its not rocket science ...). It takes a little finess ...a few tools ...patience ...
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