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How far do you tear your guns down?

I have always field stripped my pistols for cleaning but I have never done a detailed gunsmith full out take it all apart cleaning.

I have a very close friend who is mechanically challenged with most things (usually resulting in extremely excessive application of force regardless of item type) I have ever seen him work on, he is a great guy and dang near family; but its a human flaw kind of thing. Anyway he has a H&K USP Compact in 45 ACP that he has detail stripped three times and so far it still fires but I am always cringing everytime he fires it.

Its not the guy I dont trust but its his challenges in doing such things. How safe is it to just take a given pistol apart to its smallest pieces and then re assemble with no training and what are the potential downsides beside a non firing pistol?

Im concerned for his safety and everyone around him... I just cant see any good coming from this..... What do you think?
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