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Last Friday, 07-15-2011, a hearing was held on the PI by the plaintiffs. The judge, in open court denied the Injunction and dismissed the plaintiffs as not having standing to sue. The Judge then dismissed, as moot, all other motions.

Minute Entry for proceedings held before District Judge Gerald Bruce Lee: Motion Hearing held on 7/15/2011 re: 16 MOTION for Preliminary Injunction filed by Second Amendment Foundation, Inc., Amanda Welling, Welling Matthew, Michelle Lane (heard, findings stated, and denied), 25 MOTION to Sever Plaintiffs' Fifth Claim And To Transfer Litigation Of Plaintiffs' Fifth Claim To United States District Court For The District Of Columbia filed by District of Columbia. Appearances: counsel for Pltff and gov't. (Court Reporter R. Wilson.) (tbul, ) (Entered: 07/19/2011)

ORDER, for reasons stated in open court on 7/15/11, denying the 16 Motion of Plaintiffs Michelle Lane, Amanda Welling, Matthew Welling, and the Second Amendment Foundation for Preliminary Injunction, DISMISSING this matter and administratively closing this case, and denying as moot all other motions in this case: 20 Motion to Vacate; 21 Motion; 25] Motion to Sever. S/s/ by District Judge Gerald Bruce Lee on 7/15/11. (tbul, ) (Entered: 07/19/2011)

This case was filed last May. Two months and we are at the appeals stage. This is exactly what Gura and the SAF wants... Fast Tracked. And yes, Gura will appeal. Since there appears to be no written opinion, Gura will have to rely upon the records from the hearing. In other words, the Judge was smart enoufgh to not give Gura/SAF anything more than he had to, on appeal.
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