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American GunSmithing association(AGA) vs American GunSmithing Institute(AGI)

I've recently received one of the American GunSmithing Associations (AGA)letters as well, although I can't prove their not a legitimate organization, I can say they are not to be confused with American GunSmithing Institute (AGI) which is an outstanding and reputable organization. (AGA) sends you a an envelope requesting your CC information to join while not proving a phone#, E-Mail, or website. (AGI) has a large website and gives a great product with many discounts and free gifts for $19.99/yr for brass membership and even greater gifts, discounts, subscriptions for an additional $9.99/yr.
For their silver membership. For those asking how you may have gotten on their list, it's pretty simple. Most people on this site are all probably what? A: NRA members right! Now understand the NRA hates to admit it, but they are a lobbyist group meaning part of their funding comes from memberships/donations and the rest from solicitors. You know all that mail you get every year that you had to agree to receive but not be obligated to participate in. Now I'm not saying this was done intentionally by the NRA but these types of mailing lists have a way of finding their way into non-legitimate hands, see where I'm going with this. I am a card carrying NRA member because of what they do with their funding, not how they obtain their funds, it is up to you to discern whether an offer is legitimate or not, if asks for $ with no contact info in the trash it goes!

Hope this helps
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