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Watch these two videos. If I got shot by some over achiever there may a problem with me not returning fire.
I would like to see the same with 10 members of this forum chosen at random.

I get your point but CCW also generally means that you continue to hone skills and practice Also CCW doesnt make you some commando nor suddenly train you as a LEO. The test were unfair.

The kid with the pellet shooting is squeezing the trigger like its a target shooting session at a static range not slapping the trigger and he was not practiced at withdrawing the weapon from under his shirt but rather simply pointing and shooting.

The layout of the room may be usual for some university but is far more restrictive than any college room I have been in. The horseshoe shape of the room was designed to keep the flanking shooter hidden. This was an exercise with a pre determined outcome.

Again I get your point but these videos are worthless.
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