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Upfront cost of reloading equipment can be steep, depending on what you buy, but once you have the cases for reloading, the per-round cost is cheaper than you can buy it. There was just a long discussion on this forum about reloading/not reloading, and you might just get that discussion going again. I'm a reloader and have been for 30ish years, and it's something that I'm real glad I got into. It's nice to tailor your cartridge to your specific rifle if accuracy matters to you. With reloads, that rifle will shoot to the same spot forever. With cheap bought ammo, you can't depend on that happening. And that fact holds true for whatever other rifles and pistols you might have or eventually acquire.

On the other hand, if all you want to do is use that AR to chew through targets at 50 yards - just for the joy of the noise and the dust cloud, then buy the steel cased stuff and have at it. You don't need precision.
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